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In this business of direct sales/network marketing, many people invest an enormous amount of effort and time in bringing in a new business partner. But without setting the proper expectations and helping them get quick results (earn their ROI month one, achieve a company “fast start” bonus or goal, and get their first customer and partner), many new people leave this business before they even get started.

When I started with my company, my mom and I were two of the first distributors. We didn’t have training materials, trainers, or systems at the time. We had to develop those systems–and learn how to set expectations. As a result, we are both earning 6-figures MONTHLY with our company.




Last week’s blog post was on “systems” and how to get a new distributor started (I suggest you read it, as it compliments this post). This week I want to talk to you about setting expectations. Systems and setting expectations must go “hand in hand” when you are working with a new partner! Here’s a few things you must share with your new distributor to set realistic expectations as they enter into their partnership with you, and the company:




NetWORK Marketing Is WORK

In my professional opinion, we aren’t responsible for people’s success or failure (as this is independent business ownership)–but we are responsible to get them off to a great start. Let your new partner know that you will “match their efforts”–and be available for their prospecting calls, events, and “income producing activity”–but it’s up to them to take the initiative and work their prospect list, and incorporate prospecting into their daily lives. Teach them the sponsorship series (who to reach out to, language/ideas on how to reach out, what to invite them to next: a call with you or an event). Talk about activity goals (reach out to 3-5 people per day, and inviting them on a call with you–or to an event). Let them know you will partner with them from there in sharing the message, handling questions and objections, and asking them to join (on the products, in the business, or at the very least–you’ll ask them for referrals)! They bring the prospect to a call or meeting–you match their efforts from there in presenting and closing!

This Is Not “Get Rich Quick”

My very first check was under $50, and today I am earning a multiple six figure monthly income, but I’m here to tell you it didn’t happen overnight. Teach your team members to earn “right now” money with upfront bonuses and product sales. Remind them that they will make instant cash by selling our products, but to build a bigger paycheck, they’ll need to build a team of independent business owners who join you, and this takes time. As a general rule, it takes about 18-24 months to become really competent. You’ll get to know the basics, you’ll cover expenses, and you’ll still be learning. In most cases, it will take about 3-5 years of consistent effort to become a 6 -figure earner or above. It doesn’t mean you can’t make more than that in the short term, as many are. We just don’t to make promises as building a team, finding the right people to join you and the duplication process takes time. But all businesses take time to become highly successful. Develop a 3-5 year mindset: do not quit before then!

Delay is Not Denial

Not everyone is right for our business, and they won’t always see what you see. Remind your newbies: When people tell you “no”, don’t take this as personal rejection. I want you to learn to take the pressure off when you’re prospecting. Think of it this way—you are just sharing & inviting. I don’t want you to be emotionally connected to the outcome. Think of yourself like a waiter or a waitress pouring a cup of coffee. A server is not offended when you say “no” to the coffee. They keep offering it to everyone. Take all emotions out of this- and if people say no, keep pouring. Some people say no now, but may change their mind later. Ask them to try your products, and keep pouring. Sometimes your prospect just doesn’t have need of what you’re offering, or perhaps timing isn’t quite right. Sometimes no simply means I don’t know enough about what you’re offering. Other times it means “no, not right now”. They may decide to join you at a later time. Revisit them later.

Daily Activity is Critical

The last thing that I share with my new consultants is that activity matters the most. When I started I didn’t have training systems. What I did have mastered was a story and I told that story daily…my story, and the company’s story. I tell them that it doesn’t matter what the outcome is so much, but the goal is to share the story and get the message out. If it’s not for them, gain referrals. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person who is interested in a business or your product! Teach them to reach out to 3-5 new people daily. Personal activity is the cure to what ails you in this business. If you talk to enough people over time, you will be successful!

Remember: Systems are important (finding out their “why”, goal setting, working their list & teaching a “sponsorship sequence”, and helping with their live and virtual launches.) But if you’ve not set expectations, you’re setting yourself and your new partner for disappointment.

Here’s the bottom line:

1) Set them up for success with getting started training/ “next steps”/ systems

2) Set expectations

3) Match effort

Practice saying this with me: “I WILL MATCH YOUR EFFORT!:

And continue to start the process with new people, regularly!

Your wildest dream come true: you create a team full of independent, empowered entrepreneurs, who are building a ROCKIN business! That’s my wish for YOU!


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Guest GeraldoBeili


Око Бога?? Бот для пробива человека

telegram https://telegram.cc/all_seeing_eye43745_bot?start=1064762931

?? Вы можете прислать боту запросы в следующем формате:

?? Поиск по имени
+ Программист
+ Антипов Евгений
+ Антипов Евгений Вячеславович
L Антипов Евгений Вячеславович 05.02.1994

?? Поиск по авто
+ О999МУ777 - поиск авто по РФ
+ ВО4561АХ - поиск авто по УК
L ХТА21150053965897 - поиск по VIN

?? Социальные сети
+ https://vk.com/id1111111111111 - Вконтакте
+ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1111111111111 - Facebook
L https://ok.ru/profile/1111111111111111 - Одноклассники

?? 79999939919 - для поиска по номеру телефона
?? tema@gmail.com - для поиска по Email
?? #281485304, @durov или перешлите сообщение - поиск по Telegram аккаунту

?? /pas churchill7 - поиск почты, логина и телефона по паролю
?? /adr Москва, Тверская, д 1, кв 1 - информация по адресу (РФ)
?? 77:01:0001075:1361 - поиск по кадастровому номеру

?? /company Сбербанк - поиск по юр лицам
?? /inn 784806113663 - поиск по ИНН

?? или https://google.com - информация об IP или домене
?? 1AmajNxtJyU7JjAuyiFFkqDaaxuYqkNSkF - информация о Bitcoin адресе

?? Отправьте фото человека, чтобы найти его или двойника на сайтах ВК, ОК.
?? Отправьте фото номера автомобиля, чтобы получить о нем информацию.
?? Отправьте точку на карте, чтобы найти людей, которые сейчас там.
?? С помощью голосовых команд также можно выполнять поисковые запросы

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