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  1. If you are starting your own direct sales business then you are going to put yourself out on the front line. You will need to dream up ideas that you think will work and start to get an understanding of how this type of business works. Door to door, telephone sales or even direct advertising are all considered to be direct sales because there are no intermediaries involved between your and your clients. You will need to do some research into important factors like location, competition, storage, shipping and advertisement. Doing your homework will pay off in the end, and make you more confident in what you know and what your going to do. Taking these initial first steps can often be the hardest for most people and sometimes don't even happen, so you are going to need to commit to this if you are serious about making it work. Businesses often fail within the first 6 months because of cash flow problems, miss-spending or lack or organization and focus. You should set your goals high and work towards them, even if your business is comparatively small compared to other local competition. One of your goals should be to make a profitable business. Careful planning and organization can help you achieve this. Looking at possible problems and working out strategies to solve them is one way to help you prepare.
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